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A Universal Cyber Security Toolkit for Health-Care Industry

Vassilis Voulgarakis

01 January 2019

31 March 2022

EC funded project


SPHINX aims to introduce a Universal Cyber Security Toolkit, thus enhancing the cyber protection of Health IT Ecosystem and ensuring the patient data privacy and integrity. It will also provide an automated zero-touch device and service verification toolkit that will be easily adapted or embedded on existing, medical, clinical or health available infrastructures.

Expected Impact

SPHINX project envisages to contribute to the expected impacts set out in the H2020 work programme ‘Toolkit for assessing and reducing cyber risks in hospitals and care centres to protect privacy/data/infrastructures’. In this context, the project outcomes are going to:

  • Improve the security of Health and Care services, data and infrastructures. In the post-SPHINX era, citizens (patients, users) will get a comprehensible insight view of how cyber security works, what vulnerabilities may exist, and how to better manage cyber security threats.
  • Reduce the risk of data privacy breaches caused by cyberattacks. It will minimise the exposure to security risks/threats of health infrastructures (e.g. hospitals) and it will help patients to successfully respond to relevant incidents. SPHINX will increase the system availability during cyber-attacks and decrease the hours for system recovery after a successful cyber-attack, both for core operations and non-critical operations.
  • Increase patient trust and safety. It will increase the health system availability during cyber-attacks, it will increase the IT infrastructure remaining under normal operation during cyber-attacks and, it will minimise the time for system recovery after a successful cyber-attack (due e.g. risk-prone human behaviour), after the initiation of the attack.

Pilot Testing

The SPHINX Toolkit will be validated through pan-European demonstrations in different scenarios at three countries:

Hospitals, care centres and device manufacturers participating in the project’s pilots will deploy and evaluate the solution at business as usual and emergency situations across various use case scenarios.


(1) National Technical University of Athens, (2) FINT Future Intelligence Limited, (3) Konnekt-able Technologies Limited, (4) ViLabs (Cy) Ltd, (5) SIMAVI, (6) AiDEAS OU, (7) Hellenic Mediterranean University, (8) PDM E FC Projecto Desenvolvimento Manutencao Formacao e Consultadorialda(9) EDGENEERING LDA, (10) Tech Inspire Ltd, (11) Vrije Universiteit Brussel, (12) FundaciónTECNALIA Research & Innovation, (13) INTRACOM SA Telecom Solutions, (14) Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda S.A., (15) Polaris Medical Clinica de Tratament si Recuperare SA, (16) Hospital do Espírito Santo de Evora EPE, (17) 5th Regional Health Authority of Central Greece 

SPHINX Project of the Week 12-16 April 2021


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