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D4.2 Data Inspection Component v1

The SPHINX Data Inspection Component includes the Sandbox (SB) and enables a solution for creating a safe and isolated environment for security testing and continuous component validation. Using existing technologies such as containerization and virtualization, this component aspires to provide the important infrastructure and deployment services which will be executed in an isolated and safe environment. These technologies include for example: the exploitation of Docker containers and Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM), among others.

This document presents the detailed design for the SPHINX SB component, following the component’s introduction in the SPHINX architecture deliverable (D2.6 - SPHINX Architecture v2). It extends the details providing information related to the virtualization and deployment of third-party components in an isolated environment for conducting the data inspection.

The Deliverable is publicly available at SPHINX dedicated community in Zenodo repository: https://zenodo.org/record/4010550#.X09iK3kzZPY

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