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D7.1 Pilot plans including evaluation framework

This deliverable reports the work carried out in Task 7.1 - Sites Surveys and Planning of Pilot Operations. It presents the results of the regular reviews performed on all pilot sites in terms of their characteristics, operations and settings that affect the deployment and operation of the SPHINX Toolkit. Specifically, this document establishes the baseline of the cybersecurity awareness level at each of the SPHINX pilot sites, involving both the staff of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) departments and the remaining professionals working at the pilot sites. Additionally, the ICT infrastructure of the pilot sites is described, as well as its critical assets associated to prevailing business processes and daily operations, requiring protection. Furthermore, this document reviews the roles, responsibilities, organisational structures, assets, security processes and logistics processes across all the pilot sites. It catalogues the information needed from each pilot site for the deployment and operation of the SPHINX Toolkit. Finally, this report delineates a detailed planning of the proposed pilot operations, in terms of the activities to be implemented, the timing of these activities and the evaluation framework created to assess and validate the SPHINX Toolkit’s performance and added-value for the healthcare organisations’ cybersecurity operations.

The Deliverable is publicly available at SPHINX dedicated community in Zenodo repository: https://zenodo.org/record/3935794#.XwXThygzZPY

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