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D8.1 SHINX IPR Plan & IPR Management v1

Management of intellectual property rights plays an important role in all Horizon 2020 research projects. Based on guidance by the European Commission as well as the applicable EU law framework, aim of this report is to map the intellectual property options and tools available to the SPHINX project partners for protection of the IP created during the project execution. To this end the analysis includes a presentation of protection and exploitation methods of IP Rights (such as trademarks, patents, copyright and transfer and licensing agreements). This generic presentation is followed by a first approach of how SPHINX’s results could be protected and exploited in the future. Given the early stage of project development, this report’s main purpose is not to bring forward a final protection and exploitation plan but instead to provide project partners with timely and comprehensive guidance on efficient and competent protection of their project-related IP rights. This includes for instance advice on a dissemination policy, confidentiality and trade secret practices, as well as exploitation strategy.

The Deliverable is publicly available at SPHINX dedicated community in Zenodo repository: https://zenodo.org/record/3521697#.XvyFOygzZPY

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