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D5.5 Cyber Security Knowledge base v1

Deliverable D5.5 reports on the implementation status of the SPHINX Cyber security knowledge base repository (KBR) and Common cyber security toolbox (CCST) components. In this context, the document first provides a general overview of the Cyber security knowledge base concept. Further to that, it discusses the design of the Knowledge base repository and the common cyber security toolbox in the SPHINX ecosystem along with their internal structure and interfaces. In addition, a performance evaluation of the implemented Knowledge base API, through which other SPHINX entities are able to access the stored information about the collected cyber threat intelligence, is presented. Moreover, the Knowledge Base dashboard, from which the end users have access to the stored information regarding cyber threats, is presented. It is noted that this deliverable reports on the results of the first iteration (M13-M22) of the associated task (T5.5).

The Deliverable is publicly available at SPHINX dedicated community in Zenodo repository: https://zenodo.org/record/4280695#.X7rYwM0zZPY

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