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A coordinated framework for cyber resilient supply chain systems over complex ICT infrastructures

Joao Costa

01 September 2020

30 August 2023

EC funded project

Built upon a mix of highly skilled industrial and academic partners, FISHY aims at delivering a coordinated cyber resilient platform towards establishing trusted supply chains of ICT systems through novel evidence-based security assurance methodologies and metrics as well as innovative strategies for risk estimation and vulnerabilities forecasting leveraging state-of-the-art solutions, leading to resilient complex ICT systems. The FISHY technology builds on seven Key Results:

KER1    Dashboard & Platform

Easing FISHY platform usability, making the whole system user-friendly and ready to be used for different users according to their expected profile and thus permitted functionalities

KER2    Vulnerability Forecast & Risk Estimation (TIM)

Monitoring and gathering metrics from supply chain infrastructure, performing analysis, raising alerts, proposing mitigation actions

KER3    Intent-based Resilience Orchestration (IRO)

Automation of the interactions between the user defining high level intents and the system applying high level policies 

KER4    Security Assurance and Certification Manager (SACM)

Auditing and reasoning security metrics tailored to the pilots infrastructure, and collecting certifiable evidence from the pilots' infrastructure

KER5    Security & Privacy Dataspace Infrastructure (SPI)

Organizing data related to infrastructure events and enforcing privacy and Access Control rules, including Identity Management

KER6    Enforcement & Dynamic Configuration (EDC)

Translation of high-level policies into low-level configurations for a variety of NSFs (security controls)

KER7    Secure Infrastructure Abstraction (SIA) 

Model-based support for data aggregation and preprocessing: normalization, filtering, etc.


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