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FISHY Secure Infrastructure Abstraction


Abstract interface allowing the orchestration and connectivity of virtualized functions for monitoring and mitigation actions on different types of underlying infrastructure (IoT, IaaS, baremetal, etc) 

A common interface for the orchestration of the network-based functions used by FISHY, in all its phases: monitoring data collection, threat detection, policy translation and enforcement. This orchestration includes the deployment and management of functions using standard cloud-native interfaces, and multi-domain connectivity management. SIA is the base for the FISHY Reference Framework (FRF) and sandbox environment. Supply chain security in modern cloud-native infrastructures requires mechanisms for the dynamic and elastic use of functionalities focused on monitoring and mitigation actions, as provided by SIA, supporting on-demand deployments of the required network functions and a powerful network abstraction to simplify connectivity management and facilitate the enforcement of applicable policies as significant events take place.


1. OSM-enabled network function orchestration
2. Able to support virtualization environments based on VMs (OpenStack) and containers (Kubernetes)
3. Secure multi-domain connectivity relaying on IPsec


Smart manufacturing - This component will ensure the collection of telemetry from the IoT Hub and of information logs from the WLAN controller to then send them to the TIM, EDC or SACM components

Autonomous driving - The module will be used as part of the securitisation of services, facial identity management and certified version management in vehicles. Communication will be done in a secure way through the NED, which will allow restrictions or configurations to be applied if intrusions or risks are detected in the vehicle

Farm-to-fork - In the F2F use case, the SIA is required to be able to transceiver information from cloud-based IT platforms that support IoT and blockchain technologies


Horizon Results Platform  ID 42339

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