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Martin Horák

01 January 2019

31 December 2023

EC funded project

We are boosting the Future of Cybersecurity in the EU!

CONCORDIA is operating a pilot for a Cybersecurity Competence Network to develop and implement a common Cybersecurity Research & Innovation Roadmap. Consisting of more than 50 partners (universities, industries, and organizations), funded by the European Commission, CONCORDIA is part of a major European-wide effort to accelerate cybersecurity research by drawing together leading experts across domains. Our purpose is to lead the boosting of Europe’s cybersecurity future.​

Who we are

We are a dedicated consortium consisted of:

  • 58 (50 official* + 8 in affiliation process) Partners
  • 20 countries (16 EU member states, 3 Horizon 2020 associated countries and UK)
  • 30 partners from academia
  • 28 partners from industry and organisations

What we do

We are leading the integration of Europe’s excellence cybersecurity competencies into a network of expertise to build a secure, resilient and trusted ecosystem in Europe. Check out our objectives: 

  • O1: Position the CONCORDIA ecosystem, a Cybersecurity Competence Network with leading research, technology, industrial and public competencies to build the European Secure, Resilient and Trusted  Ecosystem, with the CODE research centre as coordinator and hub, and ENISA as secretary.
  • O2: Using an open, agile and adaptive governance model and processes
  • O3: Devise a cybersecurity roadmap to identify powerful research paradigms, to do hands-on experimental validation, prototype and solution development in an agile way to quickly identify successful but also unsuccessful potential product development
  • O4: Develop next-generation cybersecurity solutions by taking a holistic end-to-end data-driven approach
  • O5: Scale up existing research and innovation with CONCORDIA’s virtual lab and services
  • O6: Identify marketable solutions and grow pioneering techniques towards fully developing their transformative potential
  • O7: Develop sector-specific (vertical) and cross-sector (horizontal) industrial pilots with building incubators
  • O8: Launch Open Calls to allow entrepreneurs and individuals to stress their solutions with the development
  • O9: Set up an Advisory Board
  • O10: Mediate between multiple communities
  • O11: Establish a European Education Ecosystem for Cybersecurity
  • O12: Provide expertise to European policymakers and industry

What are the benefits

Creating a European cybersecurity competence network will bring many benefits. In fact, it will:

  • Unite the fragmented European cybersecurity landscape which will lead to better cooperation and better use of research results;
  • Bring innovation into research, education, policy, roadmaps and governance;
  • Increase industry impact by actively considering its problems;
  • Develop industrial pilots and next-generation cybersecurity solutions;
  • Launch Open Calls to allow entrepreneurs and individuals to stress their solutions with the development;
  • Devise a cybersecurity roadmap to establish technology, socio-economic, legal and privacy directions for Europe;
  • Provide expertise to European policymakers and industry;
  • Improve quality of life through advanced and safer services in Telecommunications, e-Health, Finance and e-mobility;
  • Enhance Europe's digital sovereignty.

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