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New release of KYPO Cyber Range Platform brings support for Windows machines

We have just released a new version of the KYPO Cyber Range Platform! The platform now supports Windows machines and we have also implemented other useful improvements.

KYPO Cyber Range Platform Release 21.04 in a nutshell

  • KYPO Cyber Range Platform (KYPO CRP) supports Windows machines in a sandbox since now. You can make a Windows machines part of your training scenario.
  • Every created user in KYPO CRP platform can use SSH to access machines in a sandbox more conveniently. Platform admin therefore doesn’t have to provide ssh key for proxy machine.
  • It is possible to choose VNC or SPICE console during deployment. This feature makes KYPO CRP compatible with commercial OpenStack providers.
  • New progress visualization is available for trainers to show the training situation.
  • Full list of features and changes is available at https://gitlab.ics.muni.cz/muni-kypo-crp/devops/kypo-crp-deployment/-/re...

3 things to know about KYPO CRP

  1. KYPO CRP has been developed by Masaryk University since 2013. The platform represents several years of experience using cyber ranges in education, cyber defense exercises, and training.
  2. The CONCORDIA project released KYPO CRP as open source in 2020. This activity aims to help solve the high amount of missing cybersecurity experts by providing a platform for training, development and execution.
  3. More information about KYPO Cyber Range Platform: https://www.kypo.cz