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White paper

Title Date
Crash course on cybersecurity: a manual for surviving in a networked world 18 Aug 2022
Machine Learning for Driver Detection through CAN bus 25 May 2020
A Deep-Learning-Based Framework for Supporting Analysis and Detection of Attacks on CAN Buses 16 Oct 2020
Evaluating Deep Learning Classification Reliability in Android Malware Family Detection. 12 Oct 2020
Image-based Malware Family Detection: An Assessment between Feature Extraction and Classification Techniques. 07 May 2020
Enhanced Privacy and Data Protection using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence 28 Sep 2020
Malicious Collusion Detection in Mobile Environment by means of Model Checking 28 Sep 2020
Bank Credit Risk Management based on Data Mining Techniques 01 Feb 2020
Accidental Sensitive Data Leaks Prevention via Formal Verification 01 Feb 2020
Android Run-time Permission Exploitation User Awareness by Means of Formal Methods 01 Feb 2020
Code Reordering Obfuscation Technique Detection by Means of Weak Bisimulation 28 Mar 2020
Predicting Probability of Default Under IFRS 9 Through Data Mining Techniques 30 Mar 2020
Predicting Probability of Default Under IFRS 9 Through Data Mining Techniques 30 Mar 2020
Towards the Use of Generative Adversarial Neural Networks to Attack Online Resources 30 Mar 2020
Colluding Android Apps Detection via Model Checking 31 Mar 2020
VisualDroid: automatic triage and detection of Android repackaged applications 01 Aug 2020
Model checking and machine learning techniques for HummingBad mobile malware detection and mitigation 01 Dec 2020
Visualizing the outcome of dynamic analysis of Android malware with VizMal 01 Feb 2020
Android Collusion: Detecting Malicious Applications Inter-Communication through SharedPreferences 05 Jun 2020
Call Graph and Model Checking for Fine-Grained Android Malicious Behaviour Detection 10 Nov 2020
Driver Identification through Formal Methods 10 Feb 2021
Neural Networks for Driver Behavior Analysis 01 Feb 2021
Detecting Colluding Inter-App Communication in Mobile Environment 24 Nov 2020
Towards an Interpretable Deep Learning Model for Mobile Malware Detection and Family Identification 17 Jan 2021
Acceleration of Intrusion Detection in Encrypted Network Traffic Using Heterogeneous Hardware 25 Feb 2021
Head(er)Hunter: Fast Intrusion Detection using Packet Metadata Signatures 30 Sep 2020
Cyber Security Incident Handling, Warning and Response System for the European Critical Information Infrastructures (CyberSANE) 15 May 2019
Handling of advanced persistent threats and complex incidents in healthcare, transportation and energy ICT infrastructures 04 Apr 2020
The Seven Deadly Sins of the HTML5 WebAPI: A Large-scale Study on the Risks of Mobile Sensor-based Attacks 01 Jul 2020