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European Data Protection Day

The European Data Protection Day is celebrated on January 28 every year. This is the 14th year that Europe celebrates European Data Protection Day, since 2007, focusing on raising awareness among businesses as well as users about the importance of protecting the privacy of their personal information online, particularly in the context of social networking.

Security Research About Phishing

During the recent pandemic and the unprecedented changes in the way the world operates, there is an increase in email use (app. 20% increase in opening rates) that correspondingly increases the risk of a cyberattack.

A Telco between SECONDO Researchers about D3.2 & D4.1

Secondees of SECONDO, had a telco on (17/12/2020) to discuss the progress of the upcoming deliverables D3.2: Big Data Collection and Processing and D4.1: Econometric Module. They had a fruitful conversation about the project progress so far and how to overcome technical issues. Furthermore, they focused on the improvement of the current modules and the implementation of new features. Fine-tuning and adjustments will take place to meet our expectations and the deadlines of the project.

SECONDO Newsletter Issue 5

The SECONDO’s Newsletter issue 5 is ready!!

To read it, click here!!

Overview of SECONDO Project

Aristeidis Farao is one of the SECONDO Project researchers. In this video, the researcher explains how SECONDO Project will support professionals who seek cybersecurity investments, developed to support human decision making, and a complete well-founded security strategy.

Furthermore, describes SEONDO’s innovation and how will make an impact on the operation of EU businesses.

SECONDO’s 3rd Plenary Meeting

We are pleased to announce that SECONDO Project, which is a European Funded program, had completed the 3rd Plenary Meeting on 2 of November.  Going through almost the 23rd month of the Project, the participants at the meeting, presented the milestones achieved. Also, there was a fruitful discussion among the secondees which presented their outcomes and had a conversation about WP4.1 and WP5.1.

The Kick-Off Month for European Cybersecurity

October is the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) and every year since 2012 where it started for the first time is dedicated with campaigns to promote online cybersecurity awareness among EU Citizens.

CyberSANE - Joint Standardisation Workshop "Dynamic Countering of Cyber-Attacks"

Last Friday, January 22nd of 2021, CyberSANE project hosted the first Joint Standardisation Workshop along with projects from the SU-ICT-01-2018 H2020 call, whose main topic is Dynamic countering of cyber-attacks: C4IIoTCARAMELGUARD

The 4th CUREX newsletter issue is here!

Do you want to know the latest update of CUREX project? Read more...


Call for Papers for “Methods of Information in Medicine - Focus Theme”

   Security and Privacy in Distributed Healthcare Environments



M-Sec was launched in 2018. In its last year, the project is currently implementing pilots to test, validate and showcase the impact of the M-Sec solution. Learn more about M-Sec’s Use Case 2: "Home monitoring security system for ageing people", to better understand how this Use Case is being implemented in the Spanish city of Santander, its main achievements and challenges, and how the M-Sec solution has been a decisive factor on the improvement of people’s lives in that context

Future Events

Save the date: 9 March 2021, 11.00 – 12.30 CET

The Open Call Webinar organized by the TRINITY consortium will guide you through the application process for the TRINITY funding to give you all the instruments necessary to submit a competitive proposal! Don’t miss it.

Webinar Agenda

11.00 – 11.10 Introduction to TRINITY Open Call #2- Prof. Minna Lanz, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tampere University and TRINITY Coordinator.


Developing a secured IoT Smart City Framework for a better digital future

The EU Industry Days is Europe’s flagship annual event on industry, serving as the main platform to discuss industrial challenges and co-develop opportunities and policy responses in an inclusive dialogue with a wide range of partners. The next edition will take place in the week of 22-26 February 2021.