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Filter the news and events here. Use CTRL + click for multiple selections and unselections is excited to share the new post-webinar report from its 16th webinar on "EPES and Smart Grids: practical tools and methods to fight against cyber and privacy attacks", in collaboration with four (4) research and innovation (R&I) projects DEFeND, EnergyShield, SDN-microSENSE and SealedGRID, providing concrete recommendations and solutions to protect EPES and Smart Grids againts cyber threats, and preserve consumers' privacy based on experiences with their platforms, use cases and demonstrators.

M-Sec Cookbook – a practical guide for IoT developers

M-Sec released a Cookbook that acts as a practical guide for IoT developers, to help them develop reliable and secure applications for the smart city context is proud to share with you the post-webinar report from its 15th webinar on "Effective protection of Critical Infrastructures against the cyber threat", in collaboration with three (3) research and innovation (R&I) projects CyberSANE, and ReACT, and the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), providing a consolidated overview of the most significant barriers and recommendations in the area of cybersecurity and privacy concerning critical infrastructures.

Cybersecurity in high-school survey from CONCORDIA available now in 7 languages!

CONCORDIA project aims to work out and suggest high-school teachers teaching methodologies and associated materials to utilize when discussing cyber-security and cyber-safety with their pupils. In view of understanding the real needs in terms of topics and type of materials we have developed a survey and launched the English version in December 2020. (link:

M-Sec citizens and stakeholders consultation – take our online survey and help us

M-Sec has just launched its e-consultation survey to the IoT community! Help us by filling out the survey and provide us your feedback

CUREX: Secure and Private Health Data Exchange

"CUREX aspires to build a network of reliable hospitals across Europe, where cross-border health data exchange and remote healthcare services will be performed securely and in a privacy-preserving manner, in line with the GDPR."

CyberSANE joins the European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI)

Aiming to maximise its impact while actively collaborating with different research initiatives and projects, CyberSANE project has recently become a new member of the European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI).

Blog post: Web crawlers, data mining and extraction of knowledge from news articles and Dark Web

Our partner, Matej Kovačič, PhD at Jožef Stefan Institute, is the author of the latest Blog Post of CyberSANE project "Web crawlers, data mining and extraction of knowledge from news articles and Dark Web".

This Blog Post focuses on specific aspects of the DarkNet component which make possible to preventively detect attacks and support security analysts to effectively protect Critical Information Infrastructures, mainly through:

How can the solution offered by M-Sec help solve current IoT security issues in hyper-connected smart cities?

M-Sec released a white paper that acts as a guide to inform readers about the main IoT security issues faced nowadays and proposes concrete solutions to these problems

Smart Home and remote health services

Health services in the European Economic Area (EEA) address many stakeholder, like round 1.8 million health professionals and 7.3 million nurses and midwives, working in thousands of hospitals and clinics in 28 Member States (MS). EEA counts 500+ million citizens and with this, potential patients. A huge IT-system is need in different institution, like at the family doctor’s office, at the pharmacist, at the insurance organization, at the hospitals and for a broad range of emergency service provider.



M-Sec was launched in 2018. In its last year, the project is currently implementing pilots to test, validate and showcase the impact of the M-Sec solution. Learn more about M-Sec’s Use Case 2: "Home monitoring security system for ageing people", to better understand how this Use Case is being implemented in the Spanish city of Santander, its main achievements and challenges, and how the M-Sec solution has been a decisive factor on the improvement of people’s lives in that context

Future Events

Save the date: 9 March 2021, 11.00 – 12.30 CET

The Open Call Webinar organized by the TRINITY consortium will guide you through the application process for the TRINITY funding to give you all the instruments necessary to submit a competitive proposal! Don’t miss it.

Webinar Agenda

11.00 – 11.10 Introduction to TRINITY Open Call #2- Prof. Minna Lanz, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tampere University and TRINITY Coordinator.


Developing a secured IoT Smart City Framework for a better digital future

The EU Industry Days is Europe’s flagship annual event on industry, serving as the main platform to discuss industrial challenges and co-develop opportunities and policy responses in an inclusive dialogue with a wide range of partners. The next edition will take place in the week of 22-26 February 2021.