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SCOTT Use Case Booklet available for download

15 May 2020

We have created a booklet for giving an overview about the broad variety of the SCOTT use cases.

Public Deliverables of years 1&2 available for download!

15 May 2020

The public deliverables of SCOTT (year 1 & 2) are available for download: Enjoy!

SCOTT WP9 promo video – Inviting guests to facilities made simple

15 May 2020

A promo video presents concepts that Vemco is working on in the SCOTT’s WP9: Secure Connected Facilities Management.

SCOTT Whitepaper "Security Scan Methodology for Cloud Connected IoT Devices" released!

15 May 2020

Within the SCOTT project, the security researchers investigating specifically how to secure connected infrastructures have decided to write a general recommendation methodology for simple good prac

SCOTT Use Case Summary

15 May 2020

A summary about the impressive SCOTT use cases can be found on our website:

A unique cybersecurity offering and solution for EU Local Public Administrations

13 May 2020

"Our project brings a unique cybersecurity offering and solution for EU Local Public Administrations (LPAs) in the area of vulnerabilities and attacks awareness, detection as well as mitigation and (...

Guidance on processing personal data during the COVID-19 pandemic

12 May 2020

The evolving COVID-19 scenario has raised new challenges for companies about how to adequately manage data protection and cybersecurity issues. Indeed, even in particularly difficult situations such...

Guidance on working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic

12 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many SMEs to adopt new strategies to cope with the social distancing requirements. One of them, which has been implemented by a huge number of companies, is smart...

Boosting marketplace

08 May 2020

Over the last few weeks, we have focused on efforts to grow our marketplace.

Protect your company with a new cybersecurity self-assessment

08 May 2020

More and more, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are relying on digital services to stay competitive in their markets.

Implementing a scalable, highly trusted and interoperable Smart Grid security platform

06 May 2020

"EU regulations require member nations to ensure that 80% of residential households will be fitted with Smart Grid nodes, also known as smart meters by 2020."