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Crawler: A Useful Tool of The Project Has Been Completed

12 November 2021

SECONDO researchers announced the completion of the crawler, which constitutes a significant part of the project, at the Bi-weekly general call.  The crawler scans the Dark Web and Twitter for esse

SECONDO researchers made progress on Task 5.2 & Task 3.3

12 November 2021

SECONDO researchers are working on Task 5.2 “Cyber insurance policy ontology” in order to design and develop an ontology that is generic and extensible, aiming to provide a common vocabulary and la

SECONDO co-organizing the 1st Summer School

12 November 2021

Secondo is co-organizing its 1st summer school on “IoT Analytics: Research and Innovation,” which is going to be held online on May 10-12 

A SECONDO Training Seminar on CROMAR Employees

12 November 2021

A SECONDO training seminar on Cyber Hygiene was held last week virtually on social engineering and phishing for educational purposes on CR

Researchers are Working on Crawlers Development for BDCPM Module

12 November 2021

SECONDO researchers are working on the development and design of cyber crawlers that will provide data, either from internal organizational sources, e.g.

SECONDO Newsletter Issue 6

12 November 2021

The SECONDO’s Newsletter issue 6 is ready!!

SECONDO at the Online Event of (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter

12 November 2021

(ISC) 2 Hellenic Chapter is the Greek annex of the International

SECONDO Researchers Working on Twitter Crawler

12 November 2021

Researchers Aristidis Farao and Evangelos Kotsifakos are working on Task 3.3, the intelligent Big Data Collection and Processing Module (BDCPM) that acquires risk-related data either from internal

Cyberwatching.eu Published the Report from 17Th Webinar on Cybersecurity Risk Management

12 November 2021

Cyberwatching.eu held virtually the 17th webinar on 

Cybersecurity Roadmap for Europe by CONCORDIA

10 November 2021

All future global market-dominant products and services will likely be located in the digital world, in cyberspace, or at least interact strongly with it.

KYPO Cyber Range Platform is the European Commission’s Innovation Radar Prize Winner

03 November 2021

The virtual environment for hands-on cybersecurity education from Masaryk University, KYPO Cyber Range Platform, won the 7th edition of the European Commission’s Innovation Radar competiti

#CybersecMonth: How to tackle smishing?

01 November 2021

It’s the end of October, which means it’s time to take stock of the #CyberSecMonth 2021.