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Introducing the 1st Worldwide Security & Certification Platform

In this wild IoT market, estimating cybersecurity risks, selecting the right standard to comply with and getting certified during the manufacturing process is an extremely complex task. Security Requirements, Security Controls and Security Assurance Activities must be considered by all the project stakeholders including business-lines and risk-owners.

This is where IOTsTrust - the 1st Worldwide Security & Certification Platform, is an indispensable tool supporting both vendors and buyers during the whole life-cycle process of their IoT devices and solutions. It provides Red Alert Labs unique expertise to businesses through a software platform supporting the user from security risk identification, to requirements specifications, evidence generation, security evaluation and certification.

By automating traditional processes of implementing security by design and certifying connected devices our customers are saving tremendous time while getting easier access to new markets. Certify once... Sell everywhere! that's our promise.


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Benefit for Customer: 

IoTsTrust proposes an innovative tool of great economic impact on entreprises by reducing tremendously the time, effort and costs spent on security by design and certification activities. Indeed it is expected to replace traditional processes and services (risk analysis, pre-evaluation, certification, training, specialist providers, third parties, patching, etc. ) through automation, smart user-interfaces and flexible services.

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