22-26 June 2020: Red Alert Labs

1) Who are your main users?

Our users are split in 3 types:

  1. Vendors of IoT products,
  2. Buyers (Businesses) of IoT products, and
  3. Trusted third-parties including insurances companies, standards organisations, evaluation labs and certification authorities. 

2) What cybersecurity/privacy challenges do your solutions address?

In this wild IoT market, estimating cybersecurity risks, selecting the right standard to comply with and getting certified during the manufacturing process is an extremely complex task. Security Requirements, Security Controls and Security Assurance Activities must be considered by all the project stakeholders including business-lines and risk-owners.

3) How do your solutions improve the lives of your users?

In order to address the challenges stated above, IoTsTrust platform is an indispensable tool supporting both vendors and buyers during the whole life-cycle process of their IoT devices and solutions.
By guiding the user through the secure life-cycle development and procurement processes, from requirements specifications to countermeasures selection, evidence generation, security evaluation and certification, it ensures a fully comprehensive security by design, risk management system and certification Platform.
By automating traditional processes of implementing security by design and certifying connected devices our customers will save tremendous time while getting easier access to new markets. Certify once... Sell everywhere! that's our promise.

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Red Alert Labs

Red Alert Labs is an IoT security provider helping organizations trust IoT solutions. We created automated security by design & certification tools and services and an independent security lab with a disruptive business offer to solve the technical and commercial challenges in IoT.

Our framework covers the whole IoT solution from Chip to Cloud, is business context driven and offers a proper security dimensioning with respect to the customer's maturity.