Red Alert Labs

Roland Atoui

3 rue Parmentier, 94140, Alfortville
IT Consultancy/Development

Red Alert Labs is an IoT security provider helping organizations trust IoT solutions. We created automated security by design & certification tools and services and an independent security lab with a disruptive business offer to solve the technical and commercial challenges in IoT.

Our framework covers the whole IoT solution from Chip to Cloud, is business context driven and offers a proper security dimensioning with respect to the customer's maturity.

We provide standard security certifications or indenpendant evaluation reports based on our in-house security risk analysis, security testing intelligence, automation and security profiles.

Our partners turn to us at any stage of the IoT product/solution life-cycle to benefit from our special expertise in IoT security and full mastering of compliance and regulations.

Finally, the expertise of Red Alert Labs has been recognized by numerous awards, including the Label France Cybersecurity for 2019, the 2019 award from the French IoT community and the EIP Systematic label in 2020. The company was also nominated for the IoT Global Awards in 2018. Red Alert Labs co-founded IoTSF and is a contributing member of EUROSMART, ACN, SYSTEMATIC, CONNECTWAVE, CEN-CENELEC, and ECSO.


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