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Automated Compromise Assessment Platform

GuardYoo is an easy-to-use, agentless, yet powerful solution, that enables organizations of all sizes to proactively discover malware and persistent threats (active or dormant), that have breached existing defenses including online and real-time protection measures.

GuardYoo utilizes a holistic approach to cybersecurity compromise assessment: analyzing all available logs, enriching extracted retrospective events with situational content, asset inventory information, and configuration data, thus, enabling deep multilayer analysis that reveals even the most hidden details of active and dormant cyber threats.

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Benefit for Customer: 

GuardYoo is a new generation automated compromise assessment solution that provides:

  • full asset & application discovery;
  • detection of cyber threats and indicators of compromise;
  • diagnosis of flaws in IT and cybersecurity operations that need to be fixed;
  • technical evidence of compliance measures in place and deviations that need to be corrected.

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