08-12 June 2020: GuardYoo

1) Who are your main users?

GuardYoo's platform is ideal for anyone with responsibility for their own, or their clients Cyber Auditing function. GuardYoo can be used by Independent Cyber Security Consultants, Cyber Partners and MSSP's to deliver automated Compromise Assessments and Forensic Analysis to their client base. Using AI and User Entity Behaviour Analytics, End Users will benefit from GuardYoo by gaining a comprehensive understanding of previously undetected vulnerabilities and threats.

2) What cybersecurity/privacy challenges do your solutions address?

Europe is grappling with a shortage of skilled cyber security professionals, the skills gap was 291,000 in 2019
, up from 142,000 in 2018. In the past a Compromise Assessment took up to ten weeks to deliver and involved committing a team of consultants to complete the project. GuardYoo's delivers automated Compromise Assessments within one week at a fraction of the cost.

3) How do your solutions improve the lives of your users? 

GuardYoo delivers an automated Compromise Assessment within one week, thus allowing Cyber professionals the freedom to focus on other projects. GuardYoo also provides Cyber Security Providers on its platform with a secure and flexible way to create new revenue streams.

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GuardYoo is an online Platform delivering fully automated Compromise Assessment audits with Forensic Analysis.

You can check out a video here that gives a good overview: www.guardyoo.com

GuardYoo uses context to identify any anomalies that occur within a network, which means it identifies if something has slipped past existing security solutions and is hiding without the knowledge of the client.