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GuardYoo is an online Platform delivering fully automated Compromise Assessment audits with Forensic Analysis.

You can check out a video here that gives a good overview:

GuardYoo uses context to identify any anomalies that occur within a network, which means it identifies if something has slipped past existing security solutions and is hiding without the knowledge of the client.

Historically an audit this type of audit, would involve deploying a team of consultants on-site for 6-8 weeks to collate data, with a further 4 weeks to compile the report.

Alternatively, a Compromise Assessment could involve the rental of a piece of equipment that monitors a network (plus an engineer billed at an hourly rate) for up to six weeks, afterward the engineer will remove the device and write up their report, so again the timeframe is 10/12weeks.

Because of the costs involved, the above method's are expensive and typically only undertaken by enterprise type clients.

GuardYoo engine analyses existing Log Data to deliver a Compromise Assessment within 1 week.

GuardYoo makes Compromise Assessment affordable to SME companies by automating the process.

GuardYoo will deliver;

  • Identify all Indicators of Compromise (IOC's)
  • All Previously Undetected Malware
  • Full Asset Discovery
  • Suspicious User Behaviour
  • Suspicious Admin Account Behaviour
  • Poor Cyber Policies
  • Identify any Unauthorised Software
  • Full Password Strength Analysis


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Automated Compromise Assessment Platform


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