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R&I Preparation for the Market

Cyberwatching.eu team is pleased to share the follow-up report entitled "R&I Preparation for the Market" from their previous webinars.

PROTECTIVE project participated on the last Cyberwatching.eu webinar on "From research to market: promising outputs are not enough!" addressing how R&I can improve the way they prepare for the market.

Marcin Przybyszewski, an exploitation and dissemination manger at ITTI, represented PROTECTIVE project who explained the exploisive exploitation for market readiness.

Read this short webinar report we prepared providing practical recommendations coming from the R&I projects (GHOST, PROTECTIVE and SMESEC), the national contact point and the Cyberwatching team, on how R&I can improved the way they prepare for the market and how they can take advantage of free resources such as the Radar and the MTRL analysis as described in D2.3 Methodology for the classification of projects and market readiness.


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