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20/03/2020 to 21/03/2020

The IT-exhibition Infosecurity.be is combined with Data & Cloud Expo back in Brussels Expo to provide attendees the lasts information about innovations and IT trends and allow them to meet and network with peers in just 2 days.

There will be the opportunity to choose between 100 seminars and over more than 130 exhibitors to visit.

Digital Expo Manchester

25/03/2020 to 26/03/2020

The Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester (formerly IP EXPO Manchester) is the North's biggest IT event, and it's completely free to attend.

It will offer the opportunity to learn all about the technologies that enable digital transformation: upgrade legacy systems to build modern infrastructure; migrate to a secure public, private or hybrid cloud; detect and prevent cyber attacks; improve business operations with AI and robotic process automation (RPA); collect data for effective analysis. 

Privacy Executive week

23/03/2020 to 27/03/2020

Maastricht University offers a full immersion training package building on knowledge already gained and leading to a Professional Diploma.

This Privacy Executive Week is a compulsory five-days executive training for those who want to obtain their Professional Diploma by Maastricht University. The programme is also highly recommended for those want to follow a specialised and intensive programme on Privacy Management; you can design your own learning path by choosing the days of your interest.

International Conference on Information Management (ICIM)

27/03/2020 to 29/03/2020

The main purpose of ICIM2020 is to provide an international platform for presenting and publishing the latest scientific research outcomes related to the topics of information management and information system applications. This conference offers good opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas, and to establish research and/or business links, as well as to build global partnership for potential collaboration. We sincerely hope that the conference will help advance knowledge in relevant scientific and academic fields.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Tuesday, 31 March, 2020 to Wednesday, 1 April, 2020

Paris Blockchain Week Summit will bring together 1,700+ entrepreneurs, investors and medias from all over the world to talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency in order to make France the first G20 country to create a business-friendly environment for our rapidly growing ecosystem.

3rd Annual Pharma Supply-Chain & Security World 2020

01/04/2020 to 02/04/2020

The rising tide of counterfeit medicines are turning into a serious concern around the world, and have progressively been showing up through the real pharmaceutical supply chain, including community and online drug stores. Counterfeit drugs are not only a global public health risk, but also harm the quality of the product, the integrity of the brand, the economy and even national security. We require both countrywide and industry-level participation, and in addition public and private sector coordinated effort, to identify and definitively battle counterfeiters.

Fraud and Financial Crime Europe

01/04/2020 to 02/04/2020

The third Annual Fraud & Financial Crime Europe will focus on analysing the risks to determine the solutions in combating Fraud and Financial Crime.

ItaliaSec Summit

28/04/2020 to 29/04/2020

ItaliaSec is a CPE certified summit curated by and for cyber security leaders safeguarding the country’s private and public sectors from cyber threats. Topics are addressed in a solutions-oriented manner through real-life case studies, expert keynotes, panel debates, group discussions, and 6+ hours of networking time.

CYSEC 2020: Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructure

29/04/2020 to 30/04/2020

CYSEC aims to become a well-established annual conference dedicated to cyber security and protection of critical infrastructure. It strives to become a place where researchers, academia and industry meet and discuss new technologies, ideas and use cases to build strong cyber security solutions for protection of critical infrastructure. The conference will consist of a series of panels and events which will showcase a thriving community all around the globe, combining experience and knowledge, both from the industry and academia thus brining multilateral and multi-sectoral cooperation.

CRESTCon UK 2020


Now celebrating its 10th year, CRESTCon UK is an important date in the industry calendar, attracting an impressive line up of speakers.

Along with three conference streams, the event includes two busy exhibition rooms and a dedicated student demo area that provides the opportunity for students to showcase their work. There is also a special networking event for sponsors, students and ex-military personnel that are looking to retrain into cyber careers.



CyberSolace, has added a new niche capability to its portfolio of cybersecurity consulting services in the form of Crypto-Currency traceability services in Cybercrime cases.  Especially in relation to ransomware attacks and extorted funds tracing and recoverability.

Future Events

The sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp is a Vienna-based security event which targets one very specific group: people involved in software development.

From February 24-27 2020 experts will gather in the TU Wien to discuss and promote, among other things, secure coding, security testing, automation and continuous integration.

24/02/2020 to 27/02/2020

As Europe’s largest legal technology conference and exhibition, The British Legal Technology Forum 2020 will bring together the most respected professionals from both the legal and commercial technology sectors to examine and explore the systems, strategies, processes and platforms that will drive law firms and legal businesses into the next decade and beyond.