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Terrorist Content Online (TCO): how to prevent it?



Terrorist Content Online (TCO): how to prevent it?

How terrorist organisations spread TCO and what can be done to stop it

Terrorists and violent extremists are increasingly trying to find new ways to exploit the internet. The growth of terrorist propaganda to recruit and inspire attacks is a risk to us all.

To combat the threat, the European Union introduced new regulations (2021/784) to stop the spread of terrorist content online (TCO). Hosting Service Providers are particularly subject to these new rules and are liable to high financial fines if they do not comply. This webinar will explore how tech companies offering services in the EU can comply with the new rules, and how they can stay within the law with help from law enforcement agencies and the utilisation of AI-based disruptive technologies. The webinar will also consider ethical implications as tech companies balance their obligations with the need to earn the trust of its users.

The webinar will be held online on October 11th, 2023, 10:00 AM CEST.