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The radar provides an interactive “birds-eye” view of the complete collection of EU funded projects in the cybersecurity space landscape. Targetting researchers, policy makers and SMEs, use the tool to zoom in on technology and vertical sectors; find results, projects and partners in your area of interest or for future proposals; understand market readiness levels of project results, make swift and statistically sound statements on the state of the art.

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With over 20 webinars and events delivered already, webinars have made real impact on community. Our webinars have attracted over 5000 participants and helped projects and SMEs to network and promote their activities and results to a broader audience.

Insights on the cybersecurity and privacy landscape has analysed the European cybersecurity and privacy R&I landscape since 2017. Browse this section to read and download detailed analysis on aspects such as policy and regulations, standards and certification, emerging technologies, data protection and more.

Resources for Small Businesses

Assess your Cybersecurity Posture

Micro and small businesses are easy targets for cyber attacks. Based on existing standards, the Cybersecurity Label is an easy self-assessment service help you identify you company’s weaknesses and the critical assets you should protect.

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Our Marketplace showcases European innovation in cybersecurity. From research projects, start-ups, micro-enterprises and SMEs, find new services to meet your needs. If you’re innovating in this space then join our community.

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This self-assessment service helps you analyse your data processing activities so you can make right decisions for your company and avoid sanctions or fines.

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This self-assessment service provides you with a practical check-list of the components required in an Information Notice under the GDPR.

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