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SMEs success stories: Su.me.tra

As a key phase in the cyberwatching.eu strategy to engage with a large pan-European community of SMEs, the Consortium collects a number of cases where SMEs have successfully used cybersecurity solutions also through cyberwatching.eu in an SME to SME situation, where an SME provider has served an SME end user.


Su.me.tra is a result of the collaboration between the specialists who stand for precision in mechanical machining, milling and high-level toothing.

Thanks to the 3d cad cam design software, we offer our customers excellent service and constant innovation leads us to produce mechanical parts of high precision and quality.

What results from the EU project(s) is your company using to further develop/build your own solutions/services?

SMOOTH - cloud-based platform to become the reference solution in Europe to help micro enterprises validate their compliance with the GDPR. SMOOTH is a first platform tool being targeted specifically to micro enterprises, which are exposed to involuntary breaches. The SMOOTH platform will allow companies to receive a GDPR compliance report in a simple, constructive and reliable format. The report is based on an automatic analysis of the privacy protection documents, stored data and the processing of personal data on the website or mobile apps

Which EU project has produced these results?

SMOOTH focuses on micro-companies from 3 specific verticals, and their participation during the lifetime of the project is crucial. In order to conduct an efficient recruitment, ESBA and FBA implemented a series of Dissemination (WP8) activities as main tool in their recruiting strategy, where the channels used for this first interim evaluation have been the "PROJECT AND PARTNERS COMMUNICATION CHANNELS". 

How did you find out about these results?

Su.me.tra was invited to participate in the algorithm testing phase and then was invited for the beta-testing spot implementation.

The beta-testing process was launched as soon as EURECAT confirmed that all modules were functional for testing, providing the link to access the Entry Questionnaire (EQ), and that the User Experience Evaluation Survey (UEES) was also ready. To learn more read this SMOOTH report on Recruitment strategy, see section 2.

What are the benefits for your company? Why did you decide to use the results from this EU project?

SMOOTH was only in the piloting stage, so there was still some debugging to do. In addition, it should be more sector-tailored and user experience could be improved. It couldn’t be fully used as it was in the testing stage. But the idea is very good and it would help a lot to automate GDPR compliance assessment in the company, allowing to reduce business risks.

If you want to feature your SME success stories, contact info@cyberwatching.eu.


We already know CONCORDIA WOMEN’s AWARDS winners for the RESEARCH category!

Future Events

The SOCCRATES project is conducting an elaborate series of webinars to share its vision and insights with interested audiences. The first 5 webinars were centered around the SOCCRATES platform components and took place between October 2020 and June 2021. The second series will run until June of 2022 and address results achieved at the (Mnemonic, Vattenfall and Shadowserver) pilot sites.


The European Commission puts a great emphasis on the twin transition to a green and digital economy as the way forward for Europe.

In many sectors, SMEs can use enabling technologies to redesign their operations and become green(er). Standards are fundamental for sustainable technology as they provide reliable, consistent building blocks that can be universally understood and adopted. These building blocks aid in promoting compatibility and interoperability and speed up time-to-market.