20 - 24 July 2020: CS-AWARE

1) Who are your main users?
The CS-AWARE platform was designed for business users, in particular EU based Local Public Administrations (LPAs). However the platform can be deployed in different business environments such as Health, Finance, Banking and Telecoms as it was build domain independent.

2) What cybersecurity/privacy challenges do your solutions address?
CS-AWARE platform is addressing in principal the anomalies and potential threats that exist in various IT systems. It is able to perform data analysis of potential suspicious activities that don't necessarily appear to be a direct threat. In parallel the platform does 'information correlation' of the detected anomalies and threats with external data sources if available and suggests potential healing solutions.

3) How do your solutions improve the lives of your users?
Our solution reduces the burden and cost of personnel dealing with security as well as the dependency on the IT teams. Furthermore it is cost-affordable and easy adaptable for the need of LPAs and SMEs. From the implementation point of view, the end user controls 100% of the platform's responses and accesses the system via an easy to use graphical interface that hides the IT complexity and the cyber-security data analysis. Finally the end user do not need advanced IT or cybersecurity knowledge to operate the platform on a daily basis.

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The CS-AWARE project approach will be a big step towards automation of cyber incident detection, classification and visualisation, and will be based on mature big data analysis tools and methodologies provided by consortium partners.