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A cybersecurity situational awareness and information sharing solution for local public administrations based on advanced big data analysis

CS-AWARE Corp [CS-AWARE Corporation OÜ]

01 September 2017

31 August 2020

EC funded project


The CS-AWARE project approach is a big step towards automation of cyber incident detection, classification and visualisation, and is based on mature big data analysis tools and methodologies provided by consortium partners.

This solution enables detect, classify and visualize cybersecurity incidents in real-time, supporting the prevention or mitigation of cyber attacks.
However, cyber situational awareness will never be a fully automatic process that only requires to install a tool that, without any configuration, will be able to monitor the different setups and configurations of different organizational IT infrastructures. For example, in complex system set-ups, the organisational knowledge about the set-up and associated cyber security requirements is limited. Therefore, the CS-AWARE solution is based on a soft systems based analysis (SSA) approach to build the organisational cyber security knowledge and identify the monitoring and analysis requirements for cyber situational awareness.

Who is the project designed for?

Results for end users to provide a cybersecurity situational awareness solution for small, medium sized and complex IT infrastructures.

Situational Awareness

  • Detect, classify and visualise cybersecurity incidents in real-time, supporting the prevention or mitigation of cyber attacks

Information Sharing

  • While providing automated mechanisms for information sharing, the user stays in control over which data will be shared, especially when confidentiality or privacy matters have to be taken into account.


  • The self-healing aspect refers to the ability to react to a detected incident automatically (or with minimal user interaction) with previously-defined defence strategies that could prevent or mitigate an incident

How is your project benefitting the end-user?

Increased competitiveness of European ICT security products and services catering to the needs of SMEs, local public administrations and individuals.
Increased resilience against widespread cybersecurity threats facing SMEs, local public administrations and individuals.
Increased effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions through usability advancements and increased automation.

Please briefly describe the results your project achieved so far

  • We have prepared the first round of CS-AWARE framework and information/data flow model.
  • Soft systems analysis of pilot municipalities has concluded
  • Implementation of system has concluded
  • Piloting in partner municipalities of Larissa (Greece) and Rome (Italy) started
  • CS-AWARE platform is being further tested and improved

What are the next steps for your project?

  • Accelerate commercial actions
  • Look for partnerships/first clients
  • Finish pilots in municipalities of Larissa (Greece) and Rome (Italy)

CS-AWARE Project of the Week 11-15 May 2020


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