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STOP-IT: Enhancing preparedness, detection and mitigation against cyber-physical threats

The digitalisation of the water industry is happening and it should not be "denied" because of security concerns. STOP-IT contributes to the digital transition by enhancing preparedness, detection and mitigation against cyber-physical threats with technological solutions. We also develop training activities and policies to ensure a safer, smarter, and more efficient water service to everyone.

- Rita Ugarelli, STOP-IT Project Coordinator


The upcoming Digital Europe Programme plans to invest €1.9 billion in cybersecurity capacity and the wide deployment of cybersecurity infrastructures and tools across the EU for public administrations, businesses, and individuals.

STOP-IT, ending in 2021, has definitely started the path to lifting the cyber-physical protection of the water critical infrastructure and we are committed to continuing our journey in new projects with attention to innovation and demonstration actions. The aim will be to promote the adoption of best practices and solutions and contribute to critical infrastructure protection policies with our results.


Catering for innovative and technological solutions

The STOP-IT value proposition is currently unique in the market focusing on the protection of water infrastructure. We provide an integrated risk assessment framework to improve preparedness through simulation (strategic-tactical level) and allow detection, prevention and mitigation in real-time against cyber-physical threats (operational level).

All technological solutions are integrated into a STOP-IT platform. There are currently no similar offerings in terms of solution completeness available on the market and specific to the water sector. The STOP-IT team also extensively work in increasing awareness and competence on cyber-physical security within the targeted sector through a community of practices and training activities.

The STOP-IT platform integrates nine technological modules. Each module is a toolbox of technologies, and the platform is unique in the industry because it is providing such an extensive range of modules and services to the end-user:

  • Very high adaptability and compatibility with other (third party) hardware and software systems through a modular architecture, allowing for flexible solutions to cope with physical and cyber threats and incidents;

  • Very powerful simulation and forecasting capabilities;

  • Variable integration schemes, providing freedom to the end-user in selecting other software to complement the STOP-IT platform, such as legacy software.

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