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SEPTON aims to address the gap in the generic technologies and processes referring to the IT network infrastructure with a holistic approach towards reinforcing networked medical device security within the healthcare center premises.


The project’s approach will result in a comprehensive cybersecurity toolkit providing tools and mechanisms to be used in hospitals and care centers for

1.) The protection of networked medical devices, including wearable and implantable devices,


HERMES (Advanced Design of the HERMES Data Exchange Platform Supporting the Cyber Defence of Autonomous Military Systems) received funding from the European Commission, under the “European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) for 2020 Call, Topic: Innovative and future-oriented defence solutions”, under Grant Agreement number EDIDP-SME-2020-099-HERMES. 


Network security for medical devices


Managing the risks of connected healthcare technologies

Cyber securitY tooLbox for COnnected MEdical Devices

Cybersecurity risk assessment and tools for connected medical devices

NEw MEdical CYbersecurity assessment and design Solutions

Improving cybersecurity of network-connected medical devices


Improving cybersecurity in connected healthcare

SMEs Cyber Security Change Agents

CyberAgent: Empowering SME employees, particularly women, is the core focus of CyberAgent.

This transformative project, funded by Erasmus+, aims to equip individuals with sustainable cybersecurity and entrepreneurial expertise. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and upskill participants to become Cybersecurity Change Agents, fostering gender diversity in the IT sector.


Many connected devices that do not have security-related hardware features are used in security-critical scenarios, such as in healthcare, critical infrastructure, or automotive systems, thus becoming valuable targets for cyberattacks.

Enabling Data Enrichment Pipelines for AI-driven Business Products and Services

enRichMyData provides a novel paradigm for building rich, high-quality, valuable datasets to feed Big Data Analytics and AI applications. The paradigm consists of facilitating the specification and scalable execution of data enrichment pipelines, with a focus on supporting various data enrichment operations such as discovery, understanding, selection, cleaning, transformation, and integration of Big Data from a variety of sources.