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SMEs Cyber Security Change Agents


Renata Danelienė

01 July 2023

30 June 2026

EC funded project

CyberAgent: Empowering SME employees, particularly women, is the core focus of CyberAgent.

This transformative project, funded by Erasmus+, aims to equip individuals with sustainable cybersecurity and entrepreneurial expertise. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and upskill participants to become Cybersecurity Change Agents, fostering gender diversity in the IT sector.

CyberAgent facilitates collaboration among higher education institutions (HEIs), vocational training providers (VETs), and SMEs. By sharing best practices in cybersecurity, we enhance employability, cyber resilience, and an organization's cybersecurity culture. Through this initiative, we strive to create a positive impact on SME employees, HEIs, VETs, and the broader community.

The primary objective of the CyberAgent project is to upskill SME employees, particularly women, to become Cyber Security Change Agents within their organisations. This means equipping them with the skills and knowledge to drive positive changes in SME cybersecurity. The specific targets are:

  1. Upgrade the Cybersecurity Skills of European SME Employees:
    • Develop and implement a curriculum and training programme in collaboration with HEIs, VET, and cybersecurity training providers.
    • Focus on enhancing in-house cybersecurity competencies of European SMEs.
    • Introduce modules to educate, train, and support SMEs in becoming Cybersecurity Change Agents.
    • Provide employees with recognised micro-credentials through ECVET, EQF, EQAVET, and ESCO.
  2. Generate Exchange of Good Practices:
    • Establish a European Union-wide for cybersecurity and labour market stakeholders.
    • Support the 'European Digital Innovation Hub' (EDIH) with tailored solutions for SMEs and public sector organisations.
    • Contribute to the EDIH by sharing good practices and building a Community of Practice (CoP).
    • Enhance the capabilities of HEI teachers and VET providers in cybersecurity.
    • Improve the quality and relevance of lifelong learning programs for future SME employees.
    • Provide capacity building, train-the-trainer programs, and new tools for VET providers.
  3. Involve More Women in Cybersecurity:
    • Leverage partnerships to increase the participation of women employees in SMEs as cybersecurity change agents.
    • Set and measure minimum targets for women's inclusion in training programmes.
    • Monitor and promote women's involvement through the CyberAgent training program on social media, to EU policymakers, and within the cybersecurity industry.


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