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SECONDO on Digital around the World 2021 Conference

On 20 – 21 October 2021, was held the online conference entitled “Digital around the World 2021” which aims to present and discuss the last technological innovations and trends in digital transformation: from the Internet of Things to 5G, network virtualization, and smart services.

During the event, 26 high-level sessions with keynote speakers were developed and moderated consecutively from various countries in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia/Pacific region, and a worldwide community of industry experts, researchers, and specialized media had the opportunity to follow and interact in the debates.

Among the participants was Professor Christos Xenakis from the Department of Digital Systems of Piraeus University. At the “Intelligent Trust and Identity Management towards a Secure IoT World – Research Challenges and Outcomes” slot, the professor as coordinator of the SECONDO Project, introduced to the audience through his presentation entitled “Cyber Insurance in the Intelligent, smart IoT world the SECONDO which proposes a unique, scalable, highly interoperable Economics-of-Security-as-a-Service (ESaaS) platform that encompasses a comprehensive cost-driven methodology.

The SECONDO platform with its capabilities will establish a new paradigm in risk management for enterprises of various sizes, with respect to the GDPR framework, while it will enable formal and verifiable methodologies for insurers that require estimating premiums.

The Digital Around the World conference was launched by the IoT Forum last year. The first edition was a blast. It was an intense virtual journey all around the world. Non-stop for 27 hours, more than 130 speakers in 27 sessions shared their views and visions on emerging technologies and digital transformation. The event brought together 400 participants from 37 countries from all continents.

Watch the conference here: https://youtu.be/cJLJQTnNlfE