PHOENIX - Electrical Power System’s Shield against complex incidents and extensive cyber and privacy attacks

Sofia Tsekeridou
Aayushi Gupta

01 September 2019

31 August 2022

EC funded project

The challenge

Provide a cyber-shield armour to European EPES to survive coordinated, large scale cybersecurity and privacy incidents; guarantee the continuity of operations and minimize cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment and the end-users at reasonable cost.

Project Objectives

  1. Strengthen EPES cybersecurity preparedness
  2. Coordinate cyber-incident discovery, sharing & response
  3. Accelerate research & innovation in EPES cybersecurity via DevSecOps and innovative ML-based technologies.

Concept and approach

PHOENIX focuses on the protection of the European EPES via: (i) Cybersecurity & Data Privacy by design and by innovation, (ii) cross-country Cybersecurity Information Sharing, realising NIS Directive (iii) realistic exploitation, penetration testing and verification/certification methodologies and procedures and (iv) validation in 5 real-life Large Scale Pilots (LSP) across Europe.

Expected Results

A holistic EPES security & privacy protection framework, including: (i)  5G/ inter-DLT secure & traceable communications, (ii) Situation Awareness, Perception & Comprehension based on privacy-preserving federated ML/zero knowledge verification, (iii) traceable/near real-time synchronized incidents information sharing platform (I2SP), (iv) GDPR Privacy Protection Toolkit, (v) innovative Security & Privacy as a service business model (vi) Certification methodology and procedures (targeting TRL 7-8)

NIS Directive & Certification

  1. Coordinate European EPES cyber incident discovery, response and recovery, contributing to the implementation of the NIS Directive by developing and validating at national Member States and pan-European level, a novel fully decentralized inter-DLTs/blockchain based near real-time synchronized cybersecurity information awareness platform, among authorized EPES stakeholders, utilities, CSIRTs, ISACs, CERTs, NRAs and the strategic NIS cooperation group;
  2. Accelerate research and innovation in EPES cybersecurity by a novel deploy, monitor, detect and mitigate DevSecOps mechanism, a secure gateway, privacy preserving federated Machine Learning algorithms and establishment of certification methodologies and procedures through a Netherlands-based Cybersecurity Certification Centre.



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