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The 2nd CYBERWISER.eu Open Pilots Workshop will be held in Lille Grand Palais (France) on 31 January 2020.

This event will give the opportunity to SMEs to define a customised learning path based on their specific needs and train their staff for free. The workshop will also introduce attendees to complementary tools and services to support the cybersecurity needs of SMEs coming from other European R&I initiatives.

The Open Pilot programme allows SMEs to freely use the risk-centred, capacity-building platform, combining a theoretical and practical approach to cybersecurity with innovative features including a cutting-edge cyber range.

By participating you can (1 )present your organisation to the workshop attendees in a dedicated session, (2) discuss the specific needs of your cybersecurity training pilot with the CYBERWISER.eu team, (3) test the platform in a live session and (4) meet cybersecurity experts from all over Europe and build your network.

On this event, Cyberwatching.eu will take part in the workshop leading a panel session where it will present the opportunities that offer to SMEs, providing them with services and solutions in the field of European Cybersecurity. Among the other initiatives that will join the workshop, there will be CONCORDIACyberSec4EuropeECHOSPARTA and SMESEC.

Complete this form to register and jumpstart your own Pilot with CYBERWISER.eu.

Check the exciting agenda that Cyberwiser.eu prepared for you: https://cyberwatching.eu/projects/963/cyberwisereu/events/2nd-cyberwisereu-open-pilots-workshop


We are glad to promote  SPECIAL as Cyberwatching.eu "Service of the Month" for January 2020.

Future Events

Dedicated to exchanges of views and professional meetings, the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) has become the leading European event on cybersecurity security and digital trust. Its originality is to mix a forum, to foster reflection and exchanges among the European cybersecurity ecosystem, and a trade fair for buyers and suppliers of cybersecurity solutions to meet and network.

28/01/2020 to 30/01/2020

CYBERWISER.eu is going to present its cybersecurity training solution at a joint information stand at FIC 2020, in Lille (France), on 28-30 January 2020.

Cybersecurity has become a major priority for organisations to protect themselves against cyberattacks, and due to the rising concerns about data risks to information security, companies of all sizes, and public sector organisations around Europe need trained professionals to help fill skills gap, key for developing cybersecurity processes.

28/01/2020 to 30/01/2020