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SCOTT approach to indoor localization presented to the biggest translational medicine centre in northern Poland

21 February 2020

Indoor localization system developed by GUT within SCOTT project was presented on 21st of February during the annual meeting of specialists working in the area of translational medicine

SECONDO at the 7th Information Security Conference

19 February 2020

For the seventh year in a row, in the InfoSec conference, experts in cyber security from Greece and abroad, discussed flammable security issues, exchanged ideas and shared their personal experience


19 February 2020

External Advisory Board in session – Madrid (Atos premises), 19 February 2020

“Athens Calling” For Cyber Security

18 February 2020

The future of digital security was discussed by Prof.

“Athens Calling” For Cyber Security

18 February 2020

The future of digital security was discussed by Prof.

5th General Meeting

18 February 2020

5th General Meeting – Madrid (Atos premises), 17-18 February 2020 #threatarrest #cybersecurity #simulation #training

Cybersecurity Awareness: helping European SMEs understand their risk of sanction under the GDPR

15 February 2020

The GDPR Temperature tool will help SMEs to understand where they stand with respect to the GDPR in terms of risks of sanctions. This tool consists of questions about data processing activities, also...

SECONDO at the Safer Internet Day 2020, Cyprus

14 February 2020

On February 11th, Cyprus celebrated the Safer Internet Day (SID) 2020 with a major event in Nicosia, which was dedicated to encouraging


14 February 2020 promotes the European Commission funded project results, outputs and news and, as a result, it allows to increase the project visibility to the Cyberwatching community, the Europea

SealedGRID Secondment

12 February 2020

Seconded researchers, Aristeidis Farao, Vaios Bolgouras and Vasileios Tsolkas, from NEUROSOFT finished their secondments.

SECONDO newsletter issue 3

11 February 2020

The new SECONDO e-Newsletter is available! Feel free to download and share it!


Future Events

In an effort to support cross-collaboration between H2020-SU Projects, FORESIGHT Project ( is inviting all experts and professionals involved in cyber-security training, education and ideally with cyber-range experience, to provide their valuable expert opinion.

Your participation in an anonymous survey will greatly contribute to advance the training curricula aimed at cyber-security professionals to implement and combine security measures in innovative ways.

14/09/2020 to 21/09/2020

Welcome to the Cyber Risk Awareness Webinar series, showing how your staff can use the platform for professional training on cyber threats and attacks.

Each of the 5 Webinars will take participants through different hands-on cyber range exercises on some of the most popular threats and attacks with topics varying from Awareness of Password Weaknesses, SQL Injection, Phishing and more. Stay tuned for this upcoming webinar series starting on 5th August!