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Over the past years, a large number of substantial investments have been made by both national governments and the European Commission to support coordinated programmes of research and innovation projects within the broad domain of cybersecurity and privacy. Since some of these programmes are now completed and as the European Commission has transitioned from Framework 7 to Horizon 2020, what’s the impact that these programmes have had, and more specifically, what’s the status of each funded project in respect to its maturity, results and outputs? Are the results of these projects ready to be adopted and used by external stakeholders such as European SMEs and organisations?

The’s European Project Radar try to answer all of this by using a number of underpinning information sources to visualise the state of the art of these projects as a means to maintain and oversee the larger European Cybersecurity research landscape.

Built upon the open-source Technology Radar was developed by ThoughtWorks. The European Project Radar allows making swift yet statistically sound statements on the state of the art of the European cybersecurity and privacy research landscape.

Using cool visualisation software, the European Project Radar provides a birdseye view of the complete collection of EU-funded projects in the cybersecurity space. The projects are grouped by research themes, colour-coded to show their position in the project lifecycle and assessed using Market and Technology Readiness Levels methodology.

This allows the user to identify clusters or projects working in the same sub-domain, with similar technology readiness or similar market readiness and establish mutually beneficial relationships among projects that can identify common themes and challenges for future activities.

As of today, there are 188 R&I projects added to the radar, with many more to be included. Make sure your project is included in the European Project Radar by contacting us at

If your project is already in the European Project Radar, make sure to update your status and ranking by answering the MTRL assessment form sent by Cyberwatching team. You can request the form by contacting us at info@cyberwatching,eu.

The Technology Radar Webinar

The held its 12th webinar entitled “A visual guide to the EU Cybersecurity project landscape” last 2nd of April at 11 AM CET.

This webinar will introduce the Cyberwatching Project Radar, how it works, and how the gathered data is processed and visualised. A live demonstration will show how to use the radar, how to interpret the results, and where to find more information.

This tool addresses key areas of interests for projects themselves, and for funding agencies:

  • What are the focus areas of research and innovation funding in the EU?
  • In a nutshell, what does the pipeline in research innovation look like?
  • When can we expect results that can be ingested by the target customer segments?
  • How well are the projects progressing through their workplan?
  • How well are we progressing compared to our competitors?

If you missed it, the presentation and video are now available. Check it now!


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many SMEs to implement a quick transition to a more digitalised workflow. provides a number of resources which SMEs could benefit from, particularly in the current situation where cybersecurity skills are more needed than ever.

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