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25/11/2019 to 29/11/2019

e-SIDES is an EU-funded Coordination and Support Action (CSA) that will complement the Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) of the ICT-18 call on privacy-preserving big data technologies by exploring the societal and ethical implications of big data technologies and providing a broad basis and wider context to validate privacy-preserving technologies.

The principal scope of e-SIDES is to:

1 - Involve the complete value chain of big data stakeholders to reach a common vision for an ethically sound approach to big data processing.

2 - Improve the dialogue between data subjects and big data communities (industry, research, policy makers, regulators) and, thereby, to improve the confidence of citizens towards big data technologies and data markets.

The Six (6) main objectives:

  1. Identify ethical and societal issues of privacy-preserving big data technologies
  2. Validate privacy-preserving big data technologies
  3. Build community of big data stakeholders
  4. Enhance discussion, learning and networking in the community
  5. Develop recommendations to facilitate responsible research and innovation aroung big data technologies
  6. Report on ethical and societal issues related to big data

Read more details on e-SIDES dedicated page:

Stay tuned as we will bring you more details about e-SIDES and latest contributions and project results.

You can visit their official website and social media accounts:



Contact: Project coordinator Richard Stevens



Monday, 25 November, 2019

Future Events

One of the goals of the project is to identify ways to cluster (still active) projects with similar aims for their mutual benefit, and support these with targeted support activities (webinars, deep dives, focus events, etc.) is organising two (2) separate virtual meetings with two different groups of projects, in order to help them improve their market capabilities.

09/07/2020 to 16/07/2020

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