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06/05/2019 to 10/05/2019

DEFeND is an international partnership that will deliver a platform to empower organisations in different sectors to assess and comply to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). One of the GDPR cluster project which started on July 2018 until December 2020.

The main goal of the DEFeND project is to deliver an innovative data privacy governance platform, which will facilitate scoping and processing of data and data breach management and will support organisations towards GDPR compliance.






























Poster created by DEFeND Project

The need to adapt to the rapid advances in ICT have raised for organisations (pushing them towards e-services and increase their efficiency), public authorities (stimulating new services to citizens and reducing complexity) and individuals (enabling them to communicate personal information more efficiently). It is important that DEFeND provides a solution that not only supports compliance of the relevant GDPR articles, but also fulfils special characteristics of needs that organisations might have. That way DEFeND goes beyond current products that offer general solutions and need special expertise and effort in order to cover the requirements of the organizations (by adapting the general solutions to the special needs of the organizations).


    Stay tuned as we bring you more details to know more about this DEFeND and how they will help the cyber security and privacy community in driving GDPR in EU.

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    Sunday, 5 May, 2019

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