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Binaré offers a cloud based service with optional professional services that is easy to use and accessible to any organization. Built to scale regardless of organization size and use case, Binaré’s IoT Firmware Analysis and Monitoring platform provides full automation and integration with both DevOps and SecOps pipelines to improve IoT device security throughout its lifecycle. Providing actionable, comprehensive insights, Binaré helps lower engineering and operational costs while reducing IoT security risks including breaches, regulatory fines and brand damage. Binaré gives you the actionable information you need to support your organization’s decision making. We provide business metric-focused dashboards, detailed technical and engineering reports and regularly updated data feeds via our REST API for your continuous integrated development and security automation systems.

Key Features: 

  • Analyze & Advise: Binaré analyzes your firmware’s software components and configuration for vulnerabilities. We provide actionable information for remediation and certification.
  • Monitor & Alert: Binaré continually monitors the software components in your firmware. When new vulnerabilities or threats emerge, we notify you immediately (via alert or pipeline integration) so you can take action.
  • Software Bill of Materials: Binaré identifies the software components in your IoT device firmware, no source code required.
  • Integrate DevOps/SecOps: Binaré integrates seamlessly with numerous DevOps and SecOps systems, minimizing both the time and effort needed to take action on IoT vulnerabilities.
  • Customization & Professional Services: Unique requirements stemming from custom solutions, platforms, processes or toolchains? Binaré’s open architecture and professional services can help.

Our competitive advantages: 

  • Fast, efficient security gap analysis

  • Actionable, device-specific mitigation guidance

  • No need to expose source code

  • Lifetime continuous monitoring of device 

  • DevOps/SecOps integration

Binaré offers a range of professional services to meet your needs including:

  • Integration Services - Integrate binaré’s IoT Firmware Analysis and Monitoring platform with your custom DevOps or SecOps solution
  • On-site/on-premise hosting - For customers with specific security needs, on-site installation and management of Binaré’s solution
  • Custom file types and toolchains - For customers with unique file types and/or toolchains, Binaré’s IoT Firmware Analysis and Monitoring platform can be extended to meet those needs
  • Advisory services - Leverage the IoT security expertise of Binaré to secure your device, firmware or environment



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IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform