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Protect against the dangers of USB file transfers

The USBguard is a service designed to protect against threats related to USB storage devices. The service provides you with USBguard devices that have four main functions for interacting with USB storage devices: file listing, scanning (Antivirus and BadUSB), file copying and secure formatting.

USBguard devices automatically fetch antivirus updates and software updates when they are connected to the internet.

The USBguard service is based on a yearly license that includes:

  •  USBguard devices (rugged tablets with 10'' touchscreen)
  •  Device maintenance and updates
  •  Antivirus product license
  •  Device warranty
  •  BadUSB attack protection
  •  USB killer protection
  •  Technical product support
  •  Management interface

The USBguard can also scan CD/DVD discs with an external USB reader.

USBguard device


Benefit for Customer: 

The USBguard provides increased security for USB storage device usage. This is especially beneficial with outside/unknown USB devices being used in your network. 

Due to their mobility, USBguard devices can be deployed strategically to different locations in your organization as needed. 

More info: 

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Target sector: 
Engineering & manufacturing
Finance & insurance
National government agencies

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