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Quantimatter Cybertesting on-demand for SMB

Automated Cybersecurity testing for Small Medium Businesses

Quantimatter provides a Cybersecurity testing “as-a-Service” platform using Robotic Process Automation to assess Cybersecurity maturity and mitigate exploits  in days, instead of weeks. We help Small Medium Businesses build digital resilience through vulnerability testing and automated pen testing for online infrastructures.

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Benefit for Customer: 
  • Convenient, fast, easy to access platform for testing cybersecurity of online infrastructure
  • In-depth, real-insights about most critical cybersecurity issues available in minutes 
  • Run autaomated cybertests anytime and as frequently as you make changes to your online infrastructure
  • Review detailed, plain-english language summary of findings and recommended actions in online report
  • Pay-per-use affordable monthly subscription based on number of online assets
More info: 

Beta version of the platform is available for free for first month.

Tool is being used and validated by global Cybersecurity service businesses and SMBs in the Netherlands and the USA.

Founders are sough-after Cybersecurity experts who are consulted by US Defense organizations and European Cybersecurity agencies for their insights.

For paying
Target sector: 
Finance & insurance

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