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Haruspex helps to predict, according to the desired level of confidence, how an ICT infrastructure could be attacked, before the cyber attacks occur in reality, thus providing solutions to neutralize the attackers, making it the perfect match for securing the IT/OT systems.

The prediction can be performed both before the attacks occurs or in real time, under attack, allowing an unmatched level of Cyber Resilience of IT/OT infrastructure.


How it works, operationally

The prediction provides the customer with all the relevant info concerning which vulnerabilities might be, or are being, exploited by hackers; the success probability of the attacks and how long the system will resist before fatal collapsing.

Moreover, Haruspex can compute the minimum set of countermeasures to neutralize the risk (typically, the number of remediations to deploy is a very small percentage – less than 5% - of the vulnerabilities affecting the target infrastructure);

Haruspex defines its superior offer by granting continuous, life-long cyber risk assessment and remediation, following the entire period required, and a high added-value Forensics investigation service in case of data breaches.


How it works, technically

The core of the technology relies on the adoption of a digital twin of both the critical ICT/OT infrastructure and the adversaries.

The solution heavily exploits AI and Big data techniques together with Monte Carlo methodology. This mix of technologies allows a life-long, continuous cyber risk assessment and remediation together with forensics investigations in case of breaches.


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Predicting and Neutralizing Cyber Risks


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