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The European Project Radar

Based on the well known "Technology Radar" methodology developed and open-sourced by ThoughtWorks, the Cyberwatching.eu project uses a number of underpinning information sources to visualise the state of the art of these projects as a means to maintain oversight of the larger European Cybersecurity research landscape. It allows the user to answer the question whether and where to invest themselves in the outputs of a project or not – the Radar's primary value proposition therefore is that of saving the user time and money by processing and analysing detailed landscape data for them.

The interactive online radar process uses:

  • the project's classification within the Cyberwatching.eu cybersecurity research taxonomy,
  • well known IT project lifecycle maturity patterns, and
  • project readiness self-assessment against Technology Readiness Levels and Market Readiness Levels to populate the visualisation accordingly

Using cool visualisation software, the European Project Radar provides a birdseye view of the complete collection of EU funded projects in the cybersecurity space.
The projects are grouped by research themes and colour-coded to show their position in the project lifecycle.

With 188 projects currently added to the radar, make sure your project is there. If your project is there then update us on your status and ranking.

Benefit for Customer: 

The European Project Radar helps to visualise what the outputs of European projects in the domain of cybersecurity and privacy have been and where the products they have created have gone in terms of exploitation either by the projects themselves or by others who may reuse their outputs.

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