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Consulting services

Information security and cybersecurity consulting services, including compliance, training and certification

BL4CKSWAN SRL offers four kinds of services:

  • Compliance: We support our clients with advices, or directly managing the certification process.
  • Control of the risk: Get to know the enemy as you know yourself.
  • Trainings: since the safety landscape is constantly evolving. Updating is not an obligation, but a necessity.
  • Frontier security: It is fascinating to see how computer science is driving economic and cultural evolution, but companies often find themselves tempted to invest in unclear issues, or simply are not yet ready for the market. These factors may have serious repercussions on information security. By firmly believing in the value of conducting ongoing researches, we have identified the main frontier issues for building innovative projects.
Benefit for Customer: 

Improvement of information security and cybersecurity posture and related certification.

More info: 

BL4CKSWAN  is a specialized security consulting on ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS and data protection schemes, relevant cybersecurity frameworks, risk management methodologies and techniques, all parties audit activities and vulnerability assessments. It offers training services on all the aforementioned topics and dedicated software products.

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