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Studio Fiorenzi Security & Forensics

Studio Fiorenzi Security & Forensics helps its customers to protect their future through cyber security solution, civil, criminal and out-of-court forensic expertise, IT incident management and Breach data, and through technical and organisational adaptation to compliance.

We provide advice and assistance to companies, job consultants, accountants, private clients and non-profit organizations, Italian and foreign investigation agencies in the field of:

  • Forensic acquisition and analysis of PCs, tablets/smartphones
  • Computer studies on computers, smartphones, tablets, phone records etc.
  • Data recovery from computer and smartphone: files, emails, photos etc.
  • Computer surveys on web, smartphone computers, social networks, etc.
  • Cyber Security: Security assessment, Risk Management, Business Continuty & DR, incident handling, Log Management etc.
  • Compliance: Privacy, GDPR, dlgs 231, intellectual property, ecommerce and auditing.
Benefit for Customer: 

Those who suffer an offence or damage might have evidence, on the computer rather than on the mobile phone or on the Internet, of allegations made against him. The computer forensics carried out prior to the complaint gives probative value to the evidence of the injustice suffered. The computer report may and must be attached to the complaint as proof of damage. Studio Fiorenzi helps custumers to collect evidence usable in court.

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