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nVision 10

Axence nVision is a software consolidating all the functions required for the management of the entire IT infrastructure. It is a feature-rich system which is the perfect choice for companies focusing on network security, risk reduction and software legality.
It is integrated solution of 5 modules:

1. Network
When you need to monitor the devices which are present and operating in your network and when you want to be informed in advance about any potential failures in the network.
2. Inventory
When you need a full list of installed software, license management, records on fixed assets and automation of the computer inventory.
3. User
When you want to prevent problems with company data security and when you need to monitor employee performance and increase their efficiency at work.
4. HelpDesk
When you need to manage notices of employees and respond to them easily, and you want to quickly provide them with remote help.
5. DataGuard
When you want to increase the security level in your organization by protecting your data against leaks and network infection from pen drives, and when you want to define security policies for the connected storage media.

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National government agencies