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Mercury is an all-in-one solution that defines zones and conduits, encrypts communications and provides active security and advanced threat resistance with a seamless deployment.

By encrypting communications, Mercury virtually isolates the load side from the rest of the world. Thanks to its key-management system grants secure access and enables policy access-rights.

Mercury is a unified security solution: it provides all the elements required in active security in a single product that does not require downtimes during the deployment process.

Benefit for Customer: 

To sum up, Mercury provides:

  • Active and preventive protection for industrial endpoints (PLCs, Sensors, HMIs, etc…).
  • Compatible with all kinds of network architectures and protocols: Mercury supports virtually any controller, network device or communication protocol that uses Ethernet.
  • Zero touch provisioning. Mercury can be deployed without modifying the current industrial network architecture/configuration.
  • Device authentication and management of the data ownership. Key-management system provides certificate-based authentication and encryption guarantees data integrity.
  • Negligible latencies or overheads introduced in the network. No impact on performance and productivity. Suitable for real-time requirements.
  • Network segmentation per device and advanced threat prevention.
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