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Security Advisory Services: Proactive Security (Corporate Protection, IT Security Check, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Management), Process security (ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, Security Governance), and Training sectors (International Training Partner for ISECOM OSSTMM methodology in Italy)

Benefit for Customer: 
  • Security Advisory Company: Our goal is to support our Customers in addressing IT security problems related to their business processes.
  •  Vendor Neutral, Product  Independent:  absence of conflict of interest: We do not sell products and/or technology : we are not an IT Company
  •  More than 15 years of activity mainly focused on the IT Security: From proactive Security to Security Governance
  •  Ethical conduct and reputation: We respect strict guidelines and an International ethic codes that impose us a conduct above parties
  •  100% of personnel hired with regular employment contracts and low turnover: Maximum protection of our Customer’s sensitive data.
  •  No proprietary technology, only market standards to which we actively contribute: Repeatable results that can be reproduced by the Customer itself.
  •  Integrated management system for quality and security (ISO 9001 e ISO 27001): Consistent attention to quality and safety of our services

Improvement of information security and cybersecurity posture and related certification

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