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Jorge Marcos

Edificio Tifan 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid Madrid, Spain
IT Consultancy/Development

Simarks is a cibersecurity software development company focused on privileged management solutions aimed to offer the real possibility to have zero privileged accounts on the network.

Our solutions implement a Simarks' patented technology that is able to offer a new approach on how security to network accounts is assigned.
According to recent reports from the most influential consultancy companies, privileged accounts are involved on most of cyber attacks and must be avoided.
Traditional Privieleged Account Managemente solutions (PAM) start from the point that these account cannot be removed and they offer solutions to manage when, who, where, and what these account as user for.
Simarks' innovative approach starts from the point of view that privieleged account are not needed anymore by assigning privileges to applicaciones and processes instead to users or service accounts.

Even today, the concept that accounts with administrator privileges are inevitable prevails. The current PAM (Privileged Access Management) solutions are focused exclusively on controlling the use of this type of accounts, so they require different approval flows and important infrastructure elements (most of them monitor the equipment where they are used) and are, generally, reactive.

Simarks BestSafe starts from a completely opposite approach and allows these types of accounts to be eliminated, by focusing the management of privileges on the applications instead of on the users or accounts. BestSafe offers a mainly proactive approach instead of reactive. BestSafe uses Simarks’ exclusive patented technology that allows assigning the necessary security context to each process or application, regardless of the credentials with which it is executed. With BestSafe, privileges are granted to applications instead of users, unlike traditional tools on the market.


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