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Redborder is a cybersecurity solution based on Open Source, Big Data, and traffic analysis accompanied by a set of active probes managed in an integrated manner. This platform unifies in real time the different data sources provided by redborder Apps and Probes or by other manufacturers, enabling easy creation of customizable dashboards and reports to support deployments like Netwok Visibility, Critical Infrastructures Security, Wifi Security, or Security Operation Centers. Also, it provides real-time analytics and cybersecurity operations for ICT service providers and large companies throughout all industries, all in a unique platform scalable without limits.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Open core business model
  • Scale up from one to thousands of servers’ datacentres
  • Real time NTA and cybersecurity
  • On premise or cloud service
  • Anomaly detection and prevention
  • Activation of security policies (e.g. block traffic using a redborder probe)
  • Possible data enrichment for geoblocking, reputation, trends