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The SecureCloud aims to remove technical impediments to dependable cloud computing. SecureCloud will ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and security of applications and their data. Thereby, SecureCloud will encourage and enable a greater uptake of cost-effective, environment-friendly, and innovative cloud solutions, in particular, for critical infrastructure applications throughout Europe and Brazil.

Secure storage of sensitive data in untrusted clouds is widely regarded as a solved problem. However, the secure and efficient processing of sensitive data in untrusted cloud is an open issue for secure cloud computing.

Concretely, SecureCloud pursues the following four objectives:

  1. Substantially improve the state-of-the-art in cloud dependability for critical applications by developing innovative and effective mechanisms to enforce dependability, i.e., security, covering integrity and confidentiality, as well as availability and reliability;
  2. Seamlessly integrate the new dependability features into a standard cloud stack to encourage easy migration of critical (as well as non-critical) applications to the cloud without compromising application dependability;
  3. Convincingly validate and demonstrate the benefits of our approach by applying it to realistic and demanding big data use cases in the domain of critical infrastructures (smart grids); and
  4. Widely promote and disseminate the innovative outcomes of this project by influencing the standards and best practices that will lead to broad adoption by European and Brazilian industry.

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